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Produce yourself by saying Yes!

You’re probably wondering what does being spiritually reliable mean anyway? Spiritual Reliability means being loyal and obedient to the truth of spirit as it arrives ...
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What makes Seattle Life Coach Training different from other coaching programs?

Learn how Seattle Life Coach Training stands out from other coaching programs!
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What, Exactly, Does A Life Coach Do?

During periods of great challenge and uncertainty, loving and kind souls without fail will appear ...
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Why you should get your life coach certification online in 2021.

Why you should get your life coach certification online in 2021

There simply has never been a better time to earn your life coach certification online. SLCT can help you build a career with purpose.
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What are Vision Boards and how do they help you manifest your dreams?

At Seattle Life Coach Training, we teach our students that the Universe is a doing ...
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Who is GUS? (God, The Universe and Spirit)

Have you asked for help today? God, The Universe or Spirit (GUS) is listening and ...
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How SLCT Prepares You to Become a Certified Life Coach

SLCT is committed to the growth and success of our students, and we pride ourselves ...
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Successful Online Learning Strategies

Online education is an exciting, accessible opportunity to learn new skills, pursue a new career, ...
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Growing Your Business as a Certified Life Coach

The societal and economic impact of the recent pandemic has motivated many small business owners ...
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Love Can Build a Bridge to a Better Place

Many students who have enrolled at SLCT do so to embrace the calling on their ...
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Raising Your Intentions will Transform Your Life and the World

Consider the steps you take to plan your day. Perhaps you organize your thoughts on ...
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How SLCT Will Help You Turn Your Life Coach Training into A Profitable Business

Life Coaching is a fulfilling, powerfully satisfying, and lucrative career that allows you to share ...
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  • The SLCT Training Binder with 30 modules, sent to your home.
  • Cloud download link so you can print off the skills and tools you need for your future clients.
  • Both of Richards’s books – It’s All in the Sharing and Spiritual Reliability
  • Imagery Skills for Life Coaches Script book by Linda Bennett,  a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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