Love Can Build a Bridge to a Better Place

Many students who have enrolled at SLCT do so to embrace the calling on their lives to become certified life coaches and to help people thrive in life. Many of them have experienced some sort of life change, which caused them to dig deep within themselves and examine their lives a little bit deeper than before. This self-inquire begins a progression to go within themselves and do their internal and external work, which is a process Richard refers to as “Knot Hole Moments”. They are being asked to Evolve opposed to Revolve.

 A knot hole moment is when we’re being pushed through something so intense that we get squeezed. These knot holes are tight, dark, bend and turn and at times we don’t know how we’re going to get through and to the other side safely. But, when we learn how to trust in the process, have faith in what we cannot see, eventually you pop out the other side and into an open free space of freedom and flight. At this moment we realize we have transcended it, rose above the problems and now want to help others navigate their knot hole moments. Richard Seaman, the founder and director of Seattle Life Coach Training teaches his life coaching students how to turn their messes into their message in the world.

These types of experiences shape who we are and create a path that moves us forward evolving us into a better version of ourselves.

Part of the beauty of a community environment like Seattle Life Coach Training, is the opportunity for our students to share their true selves and release their God-Given Gifts and Talents into the world.  After all, the experience of all human emotion is universal, and our students benefit from an environment where they can safely share and learn how to evolve into their greatest and highest selves.

One of the most common experience our students share while enrolled at SLCT is the community and like-minded souls that come together to work for the greater and higher good of the world. During the 6-month on-campus journey we teach our students that it is love that is real and nothing else matters. It is the love we give and receive that is real and lasting.  Our students learn one of the 12 Guiding Principles to life coaching is that all problems come from separation, therefore, the solution is connection. Time and time again we have heard our newly enrolled students share how they felt disconnected from the world around them and they now want to use this experience to grow and evolve versus withdraw deeper away from the world.

Love is an incredibly amazing emotion, as it exposes us to unimaginable lessons. Still, love is the greatest journey we can have, because it bonds us to others, to the world, and to greater experiences that we generally cannot have alone. Human beings were not designed to live in this world alone. In fact, Richard teaches his students that there are two types of help in the world – Human help and Divine help. We must commune with other people and commune with a higher power. But, in any case you cannot do this alone. No one can do it alone.

From the moment we’re born, we’re infused with love. It’s all we know. Our experiences as we age are what introduced us to fear, anxiety, hate and separation which than eroded away at our ability to love freely. Richard teaches that what we were born with is love, and what we have learned here is fear. SLCT life coaches are trained to help their clients remove the veil of fear and then return them back to the presence of love, return them back to who they were when they arrived.

Life can be tragic as much as it can be wonderful. We teach our coaches that it’s not about the stories you tell, it is about your response to your life experiences that matter most.  It’s how we deal with what happens to us and from that mental stance. We either choose to embrace love or coil backwards into fear.  

Many of Richard’s students embrace a calling to become a life coach, because they have had many messes to clean up in their own life. Going through those experiences empowered them to serve others who are going through similar events. One of those experiences might be divorce or separation, which is usually a particularly troubling situation to navigate, because resentment, anger and feelings of unfairness tend to permeate the process. And if we add legal battles to the mix, and it’s easy to see why divorce is such a driving force against love.

The truth is, separation and divorce do not have to be enemies of love. Love can build a bridge to a better place when we choose to find common ground and help each other get to where the other needs to go. Love can build a bridge, between your heart and mind.

Richard recently ended a 4.5-year relationship. When he and his partner mutually agreed to move on, they made it a point to move on lovingly. It was important to them that they remain in their highest selves, so that they could support one another in their journey to the next chapter of their lives. A core principle of SLCT is the daily action of raising your intentions. Richard decided to do what he calls Conscious Uncoupling.  By grounding himself to stay in his higher self and always adding love where he could by decided to do the right thing even when his ego wanted to attack and make the other wrong. Richard knew that leading with love had to be at the center of his separation.

That’s not to say it was easy. Ending a relationship is terribly painful, and that pain is what causes many people to stew in anger and drive the process of separation into a negative vengeful space. But love can build a bridge to a better place. It has to. We have to strive daily to reach that better place, our higher selves, which is ultimately our spiritual purpose in life.

Even in the throes of hurt and anger, love must remain at the center of our intentions. Let love lead you to a better place, which will ultimately create a better version of yourself. Let love lead you, it is all there is, everything else is just an illusion.

And, So It Is!

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