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Letting Go is actually Letting things In

A few weeks ago I was looking for one of my favorite shirts in my …

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Intention is Everything

“Intention is everything, says Richard Seaman the founder of Seattle Life Coach Training. Without having …

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Is it time to Discover Your God Given Gifts?

Gifts and Graces. We all have them. Those unique characteristics and talents that live within …

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Making Friends In Your Later Years – The Blog

One of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts‘ wonderful life coaches,  Richard Seaman was the professional advice behind this article, written by …

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Are you in the Gap? The Blog

“You are not where you were and you are not where you want to be. …

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Coaching Chunks ~ Clear, Concise and Quick!

Daily superfood for you to ponder!Coaching Chunks ~ Clear, Concise and Quick!.

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Uncharted Territory

Feeling lost? Did you know that when you feel lost that maybe you are really …

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Become a Life Coach with Seattle Life Coach Training

Become a Life Coach with Seattle Life Coach Training.

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Become a Life Coach with Seattle Life Coach Training

What if you could start a new career that not only helped and inspired others, …

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Hello World!

Whether you are interested in embarking on your own personal journey, or are being called …

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