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Reframing Your Limiting Beliefs

Our thoughts have legs and go out and find themselves and bring them back to us as our reality
~Richard Seaman

People need support to survive and thrive in the game of life. A Life Coach helps individuals perform at their highest level professionally, personally, and financially. Life Coaches assist and encourage in a safe and nurturing environment while asking the right questions, listening, and giving honest, open feedback.

A Great Life Coach is trained to be a detective of language, they encourage their clients to reframe all limiting beliefs because of their knowledge that the Universe is a doing machine and only knows to do what you tell it to do! Your thoughts have legs that go out and find themselves then returning to you as your reality. It is of utmost importance for you to watch your thoughts. Not only do we manifest from our inner and outward thoughts, we also manifest from the visions we see within our mind’s eye. Many people have said things like: “I didn’t say it”! The fact of the matter is you don’t need to just say it aloud. The Universe reads our thoughts and visions, both internally and externally. You don’t need to say it aloud for it to manifest. The most important key to manifesting what you want is to See it, Say it, Do It!

Next, when you begin to realize that your thoughts and visions are containers that hold your future, you should become very selective in what you’re thinking, saying and visualizing. It’s like a boomerang and quickly comes right back to you!

Another important aspect of manifesting your reality is “Gratitude”. The quickest way to manifest more into your life is to become grateful for what you have right now! Gratitude opens the door to more because it’s energy. Thoughts and visions are merely energy, everything is energy! Nothing can be destroyed, only transformed and that includes your thoughts! The more positive you are, the higher your vibration is, which means you will begin to attract the things that are from the highest level for your greatest and highest good. When you change your thinking, you will change your life!

When you are manifesting it is important for you to remember
a few key Universal Laws.
1) Stay grateful, as it opens the door for more.
2) When you doubt it, you dissolve it.
3) When you say one positive thing and then follow up with a negative you cancel all good. You must quickly reframe it into a positive, otherwise what comes back to you is the last thing you spoke, thought or visualized.
4) Stay awake to your inner and outward dialog and adjust all wrong thinking!
Onward we Go —-> Reframing Our Limiting Beliefs!

Richard Seaman
Founder & Director of Seattle Life Coach Training
Next Class begins On-Campus in Seattle: January 26, 2017

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