What makes Seattle Life Coach Training different from other coaching programs?

We know when you are choosing a coaching program that the search for the right one can get very overwhelming. Since 2009 we have spoken to 1000’s of people just like you and one of the questions we get all the time is “What is the difference between Seattle Life Coach Training and the other coaching programs out there?”

In this article you’ll learn from Master Life Coach and Founder of SLCT, Richard Seaman, exactly what makes SLCT different and stand out from other life coach training programs. 

SLCT’s 120-Hour life coach certification program is a very extensive, comprehensive training program that will take 6-months to complete and is made up of three well-rounded components – Professional development, Personal development, and Spiritual development simultaneously.

We know by wrapping up these three areas as one package creates a transformational approach for the students. Each student will grow in all three areas and walk away at the end as a certified life coach having the ability to coach people from all walks of life. Not every person who seeks coaching is made up of just one area. We tell our students all the time: Why box yourself into one niche when you could open yourself up to coaching many different people?

Our goal for our students is for them to walk away and be successful coaches who get paid to transform lives. Getting paid to coach others is always the end goal and making a full-time living is what we strive to teach our students. Many people who want to become a life coach are usually leaping from a career that is not making them happy and feeling fulfilled anymore. Some are in limbo from one thing to another, like being a full-time parent and now finding themselves an empty nester. Some just feel called to coaching because it lights them up when they are helping others grow and evolve. But they usually have one thing in common which is they are seeking to find a thriving career with purpose and want to make a difference in the world.

People who want to become a life coach are being called to coach others because they have a deep knowing within them that they can make a difference in the world. I know for myself I was always a helper and what charged me up in life is when I would listen to people’s problems and could then help them. However, what I eventually learned was that I was giving them more advice than helping them find their own answers.

A common parable, if you fish for a man he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. A good coach will teach their clients how to metaphorically fish for themselves and eat for a lifetime.

Coaching is about meeting their clients where they are today and then supporting them in moving forward to where they want to be in life.

A great life coach uses skills and tools coupled with powerful potent forward-moving questions that will allow their clients to go within themselves to find their own answers.

A great life coach will move their clients forward into clarity that will produce forward movement action.

The biggest skill of a great life coach is, “You got to ask the right questions!” For example, if you ask, “Why can’t you lose weight?” That question will usually produce a thousand reasons, stories, and excuses. That is an example of a wrong question. Now ask this question. “What has to change for you to lose weight?”

We teach our students at Seattle Life Coach Training (SLCT) to steer away from the “Why” and instead ask: How? Now what? What are your next steps? What are your resources? What needs to change? What are the possibilities? Always remove the “Whys” in any coaching session. Additionally, to avoid advising or counseling change your focus to:

Outcomes vs. Problems

How vs. Why

Feedback vs. Failure

Possibilities vs. Fears

Curiosity/Fascination vs. Assumptions

At Seattle Life Coach Training we pride ourselves in being a premier coach training program since 2009. One of the big differences from other training programs is we designed a transformational approach to life coach training. What this means is that we believe for a trained life coach to ask their clients to transform their lives that the coach must be willing to do their own inner work. How can you ask others to dig deep within themselves and not be willing to do the same thing?

Below are the three transformational components we incorporate at Seattle Life Coach Training (SLCT):  

Professional Development:

Every 4-hours is considered one training module. In each module, we present a new coaching tool, and we do this through a lecture/presentation, a live real-time coaching demonstration and a thorough Q & A forum after each coaching demonstration is complete.  

SLCT’s certification program is set up that all the coaching tools we teach will be demonstrated live in a virtual setting. The student will be watching an actual real-time coaching session by one of our professionally trained and certified master life coaches. After each coaching session has been completed the SLCT facilitator will open the class up to a Q & A forum. In this forum, the students will have the opportunity to address any questions, thoughts, confusions, concerns, or feedback that they have about the coaching session they observed. 

Once the students have had their questions answered our students are then grouped into pairs of two and moved into a private Zoom room where each student will have the opportunity to coach the tool with another student while receiving professional observation by a trained SLCT master life coach.

Personal Development:

This is where the magic begins in the personal development arena of SLCT’s coaching program. Going back to the transformational approach to SLCT life coach training we teach you to transform yourself and then help others do the same thing. We want our coaches to “try on” every tool we teach for them to experience it first-hand. This method gives our students a first-hand experience of each tool because they literally get to sit in the coaching seat and the client seat.  

This is where the transformational approach shows up. As our coaching students experience these sessions both as a coach and client, they begin to transform their lives each time they learn a new tool. We believe this is a win-win because our students get to evolve and grow in many areas of their lives and at the end of the program walk away with a life coach certification from Seattle Life Coaching Training fully ready and prepared to coach others in the world.

Spiritual Development:

SLCT believes that every person is connected to a higher power. We teach our students how to connect to their own higher power. We know that not every person refers to this power in the same way, therefore, we ask each person to connect to their own God of understanding. The program interweaves many spiritual components like universal laws of attraction, manifestation philosophies, guided imagery and visualization techniques.

Everyone has intuition, which is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. As I teach the students – Deep within you, there is a knowing. It’s those moments where you just know something. We teach our students how to access their intuition and more importantly to learn to trust it when it arrives. A coach that uses their intuition can be much more effective when they learn how to co-create their coaching session with their intuition.

Richard Seaman, refers to it as a crystal-clear channel of clarity. You just know that you know that you know. How this can show up in a coaching session is that you have these moments where your inner knowing speaks. Usually, you internally hear something and are guided to ask something – you get a quick download of information (you just know). Many people who are new to developing their intuition will doubt it and then discard it in fear they might be wrong. They haven’t gained the skill of trusting their own inner knowing yet. SLCT’s coach training program incorporates these powerful techniques throughout the entire program.

If you are being called to coach others in the world you have knocked on the right door. Please click the link to schedule your one-on-one discovery call with an SLCT admissions advisor. Or fill out the form below and someone will contact you asap. We are excited to support you on this journey!

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