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The book is a compilation of spiritual teachings and personal stories. The writer takes deep universal spiritual principals and turns them into an enchanting, practical teaching, then demonstrates how the teaching can be used in your everyday life. A powerful prayer assists you in applying this spiritual teaching to your life follows each chapter. Delightful stories connect or reconnect you to your spiritual relationship with your higher power, which will help you discover your life purpose.

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Spiritual Reliability - Learning to Become Gods Employee

The world is leaving the age of communication and evolving into the age of intuition. More and more people are hearing the divine whispers and are being called to take their life to a greater higher level.

In this deeply profound eye-opening book, award winning teacher and master life coach Richard Seaman teaches you how to utilize your life for the greater higher purpose and become God’s employee

Discover how to release yourself from the constraints that traditional religions may have placed on you. The limited container of religion pushes people away from having any spiritual grounding, feeling unanchored, unmoored and drifting through life.

Part metaphorical teaching, part spiritual wisdom and philosophy this book shines a light of truth on struggles you may be facing in your own life, and teaches you how to rise up and over them.

Through Spirit Directed messages, Spiritual Reliability will help you to connect or reconnect to your own truth and find your own spiritual anchors. It teaches you to hear the Spirit of God, presenting you ways that you can act with your life with purpose, power, passion and a plan and to show up in your life as a spiritually reliable doer.

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On Campus in Seattle: February 21, 2020

Who is Richard?

Richard Seaman

Richard Seaman is the founder and director of Seattle Life Coach Training and one of the nation’s top spiritual authors.

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Heather Dalton

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