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Spiritual Development Training makes Seattle Life Coach Training Different

Spiritual Development

SLCT’s immersive virtual program connects you with industry-leading master life coaches who will show you how to harness your own natural gifts and talents to transform yourself and the lives of others. Seattle Life Coach Training believes that every person is connected to a higher power. We teach our students how to connect to their own higher power. We know that not every person refers to this power in the same way, therefore, we ask each person to connect to their own God of understanding. The program interweaves many spiritual components like universal laws of attraction, manifestation philosophies, guided imagery and visualization techniques.

Everyone has intuition, which is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. We teach the students – Deep within you, there is a knowing. It’s those moments where you just know something. We teach our students how to access their intuition and more importantly to learn to trust it when it arrives. A coach that uses their intuition can be much more effective when they learn how to co-create their coaching session with their spiritual intuition.

Going Deeper Within

Richard Seaman, the founder of Seattle Life Coach Training and the author of the book, Spiritual Reliability refers to intuition as a crystal-clear channel of clarity. You just know that you know that you know. How this can show up in a coaching session is that you have these moments where your inner knowing speaks. Your inner knowing, which is Spirit flowing through you. Usually, you internally hear something and are guided to ask something – you get a quick download of information (you just know). Many people who are new to developing their spiritual toolbox will doubt their intuition and then discard it in fear they might be wrong. They haven’t gained the skill of trusting their own inner knowing yet. SLCT’s spiritual coach training program incorporates these powerful techniques throughout the entire program.

This spiritual guidance will come in different forms: intuition, inspiration, and sometimes even through synchronicities. Often, we can experience intuition as a strong inner knowing that offers us guidance of some form. Inspiration can be experienced as a feeling of flow and excitement that comes through in moments when our thoughts and actions are aligned with love. Then there are moments of synchronicity, which are really cool—like when you’re thinking about your mother, and she calls or when you keep hearing about a new book and the next day it falls off the shelf in the store.

Spiritual birth.

Learn Spiritual Tools to Help Yourself and Others.

There are three other key components to living a miraculous and spiritual life: gratitude, forgiveness and love. The act of forgiveness is to the miracle minded worker as lettuce is to the raw foodie. Forgiveness guides us to cleanse ourselves of the old, junky fear and shines light on the darkness of our worries, doubts, and suspicions. Rather than continuing to play the role of victim, we can forgive and be set free. With each choice to forgive, we shift our perception from fear to love.

Then comes gratitude. An emphasis on gratitude is the only attitude for the spiritual miracle minded worker. Living a grateful life creates more abundance, acceptance and appreciation. To transform your fears back to love, you must embrace a way of being that puts gratitude first.

Finally, there is love—the most crucial ingredient. A Course in Miracles teaches that the only thing missing in any situation is love, and where there is fear there is no love. Therefore, living with an open heart and embracing love as our true purpose is essential to living a miraculous and spiritual life.

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  • Imagery Skills for Life Coaches Script book by Linda Bennett,  a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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