Beautiful spring day with pink trees.

Birthing a Dream, Spring Has Sprung!

along the west side of our house and this week green shoots are popping up like Christmas lights in the dead of winter. Early January I trimmed back our giant hydrangea and with more sunlight coming through the window recently I am noticing all of the new buds sprouting from its branches. New life birthing through the soil and all around us in the little signs of spring showing off her new colors, dancing in the rich soil, dangling from the tree branches. Sprouting forth as if to say, Here I am, I told you I’d come.

Four years ago Richard Seaman, Founder and Director of Seattle Life Coach Training (SLCT), planted the seeds for birthing his dream. He taught the first life coach training class out of a small, cramped attic in Seattle and flew up from his home in Arizona where he taught at SWIHA (Arizona’s award winning, private holistic healthcare college) every month to teach, train, and transform hungry minds and thirsty hearts.

Just like a tulip bulb or sunflower seed, Richard, now living in Seattle full time, planted his idea, nurtured it with commitment, desire, patience and love and is watching Seattle Life Coach Training grow beyond his wildest dreams. It doesn’t mean there haven’t been labor pains, hard work, disappointment and struggle. After a number of different locations SLCT is now in its home on Orcas Street, south of down town Seattle. The birth place, if you will, where students come to train to become certified life coaches, to develop their spiritual gifts and where community gathers once a month to be inspired as they discover their gifts and graces. (See the SLCT website for the class schedule and community monthly complimentary gathering,

Like any birth there is a point when you have to step back and realize, Enough is enough, I have done all I can now I must wait. Wait and surrender. And like Richard Seaman reminds his students there is a time to, Hold the vision and trust the process.

This waiting and trusting involves faith in something bigger than ourselves. Larger than a packet of flower seeds for sure. In all of the courses taught at SLCT, Richard makes no secret of his belief in GUS (God Universe Spirit). This belief in a Higher Power, Source of Life is like the roots buried beneath the soil, from which all life grows. This faith, trust and belief lay’s down the foundation from which our own abilities, gifts and graces sprout to the fullness of life. In the final phase of completing his third book, Spiritual Reliability, Learning to Be God’s Employee, Richard Seaman illustrates this giving birth to life by listening to GUS and calling on Spirit for guidance, strength and wisdom. We don’t have to do this alone. Birthing takes a tribe, a community of support to guide, direct and lean on along the way. Bringing anything to life – a baby, a flower, a business, a book, or a dream, requires getting out of the way and trusting. Sometimes we want something to happen so badly we do all we can to control the outcome by forgetting to step out of the way for the light to peer through. When we do step aside we give room for new growth to pop through the soil.

The great thing about this magical thing called life is that we get choices. We get to decide whether or not we believe in something bigger than ourselves. We get to choose if we want to plant tulips, a book, and a life coaching business or a dream of any color. The magic comes after the hard work, when we step aside and let life germinate out of our field of vision, below the soil in that rich place of trust, faith and surrender.

What are you waiting to birth in your own life? How can Seattle Life Coach Training assist in your adventure?

Cheers and Blessings,

Jenny McGlothern
SLCT co-facilitator
Mama Needs a Refill, LLC

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