I have had the blessing of learning from Richard as his student for certification as a Life/Professional Coach. In working with this humble, and very REAL man, I have gained inwardly as a student, professional, and most importantly, as a Person. Richard has a unique ability to help individuals gain insight and awareness from viewing life from a new awareness/lens on themselves and their lives through his modalities in life coaching. You will not be disappointed with your experiece with him in whatever capacity you get to know him.

Amanda S.

Thanks guys! Looks great. Love the new graphics on the site. So thrilled for all the success of SLCT. I think back to where I was in my life at the start of the program and I can't help but feel deep gratitude for you and all of the doors that have been flinging open since I graduated. I am coaching 3 full days a week now (as much as I want!) and at the end of each of those days I feel inspired, nurtured and I feel grace. With appreciation and gratitude, Jen

Jennifer V.

Richard has met our class - the mini tribe - where we are every week. I never know what's in store or how it will unfold but I leave better than when I walked into his class. If you have the opportunity to be Richard's "volunteer", do so because he will bust your story and help propel you into your next adventure feeling so much freer and better about yourself. The bonds that have been created in this safe environment will last a lifetime - I know that for sure. Not only will you learn more about yourself (prepare to be surprised) but you will learn how to help others learn more about themselves using unbelievably effective coaching tools. I will be forever grateful for this life coaching opportunity and am so excited to take what I've learned from Richard out into the world!

Laurie V.

Richard is Amazing! After completing his Life Coach Certification, my life has changed in so many ways. He worked with me to discover my purpose in life, which it is never too late to make changes, and how to pay it forward in the world. He is a true story buster, which can help anyone to get unstuck and move forward in life. One of my favorite quotes from Richard is "If you don't go within, you go without." So if there is something you have wanted to do or to change, then being a part of his Seattle Life Coach Training will give you the tools to change your life forever. Thank you Richard for helping me to get unstuck so I could live my life the way it was meant to be lived!

Stephanie H.

An amazing thing is about to happen to Seattle! Seattle Life Coach Training is about to touch down! As a graduate of the Master Life Coaching program at SWIHA, I can attest to the sheer brilliance of this program! The team of people teaching this program will quite simply shift your life for the positive, therefore allowing you the opportunity to hold the tools to show others how amazing and wonderful they are as well. Richard Seaman has spent over the last decade shifting and growing this program into a "One-of-a-kind" opportunity. His Spirit driven approach to teaching allows him to know each and every class holds unique attributes, and shows them their independent road to success. If you're even "marginally" interested initially...you will ask yourself, "How could I have ever gone without this program?" by the time you graduate! I HIGHLY recommend this life changing opportunity!

Lisa S.

It has been my honor to have Richard Seaman as my life-coaching instructor. His teaching style perfectly melds his professional, no nonsense approach and kind, intuitive soul, which allows him gracefully assist each student to step into his or her own greatness as a coach. The experiences range from the first timid moment at the beginning of the 100-hour program where the students say, "I can't" to the graduation ceremony where each person stands with pride at his/her accomplishments and can honestly say, "I am a great Life Coach." And, in between those two auspicious moments, there is soul-searching, clarification of one's own goals, and the self-satisfaction and confidence booster of helping one's classmates and the public move one step closer to realizing their hopes and dreams. To be also noted is one of the foundational basics of the life coaching program, which is camaraderie and trust building between the class members. This allows for a safe environment to be vulnerable and share the core of one's inner being. Exposing oneself and fine-tuning the ability to listen with one's head, heart and gut builds the student's intuitive muscles and teaches him/her how to better connect on a soul-to-soul level with potential clients. There are not many other programs that in a short five months can provide an opportunity for immense personal growth, as well as provide training to launch a viable and worthy career. It is for these reasons; I whole-heartedly recommend Richard Seaman and Seattle Life Coaching Training.

Ellen G.

What an incredible experience this class has been. Richard Seaman has truly found his life purpose as a Life Coach and teacher. His creative ways and understanding helped me to feel safe and to grow in ways I never knew possible. I now feel I have the tools to truly help move people forward in their lives so they can achieve their goals and live the life they always dreamed of. He has a way of making things "real" that brings you to a level that you never knew possible and opens doors to a new way of life and all that awaits you.... grow, dance and be in the mystery of each moment of this class and trust that it will take you where you need to go!

Colleen I.

Richard Seaman is a spectacular instructor. His down-to-earth approach allows people to push their sleeves up and dig right in! His knowledge of the subject matter along with his unique presentation makes his classes valuable, fun and high energy. The spirituality coupled with the hands-on instruction is incomparable and I believe, a very needed marriage for clients in the 21st century. If you are considering learning to be a life coach, I highly recommend Seattle Life Coach Training. Holly Hakes Petersen Graduate - 2007 Author of the book "Recovery a New Story"

Holly H.

Richard Seaman is such a caring and intuitive life coach. His life coaching style offers a much-needed perspective on many issues you may be dealing with. His ability to guide you in exactly what you need seems to be his divine calling. I signed up for his life coaching course after spending many years soul searching for my purpose. With his amazing life coaching classes, I learned to start walking in my greatness without fear. Additionally, I spent one on one time with Richard dealing with body image issues and self-sabotaging behaviors. It has been so refreshing to live life with the awareness of my own choices and to see myself so clearly. I can't thank Richard enough for everything he has helped me through. His soul is a beautiful one. Seattle is so lucky to have him.

Stacy L.

Richard Seaman organized my intuitive abilities to coach. He polished me in every way and sent me off, with all the necessary and effective tools to be successful and productive. I gained a great wisdom to heal the ones in need. His innate ability to communicate allowed me to learn from him at a cellular level. I absorbed his techniques and molded them in a style of my own. I highly recommend Mr. Seaman as a teacher, a life coach, a motivational speaker, definitely as a healer.Best Regards. Maria Kalas Class of 2010.

Maria K.

Just completed 100 hours of Life Coach training with Richard Seaman and it just doesn't get any better than this. Richard presented each class with knowledge and passion utilizing many inspiring interactive exercises focusing on making us the BEST Transformational Life Coaches out there. I left this class with the complete confidence of KNOWING that I have the tools and purpose to guide others to their greatness. Richard you rock!

Tamela T.

After my Life Coach training with Richard I asked him to be my mentor for several reasons. First, he is a leader among men, he teaches what he has practiced, and he is a very well known author. Because of Richard and his ability to train the world's greatest Life Coaches; I currently own and operate "The Greatest Life Now" a successful Recovery and Motivational life coaching practice, I have a publisher for my first of many books to be released, and I sit on the founding board of directors for a Non-Profit organization. It's very hard to list my achievements without acknowledging Richard for training me to see my gifts and use them in a constructive and helpful way for clients. The city of Seattle has just received one of the greatest Life Coaches in the history of the practice. I see only greatness for everyone who takes the SLCT program. With the greatest of respect, John

John S.

Seattle Life Coaching is the creation of Richard Seaman. I had the very good fortune and pleasure of being one of Richard's students when I decided to become a professional Life Coach. Richard is a gifted and skilled teacher and has a wonderful way of teaching the methods that enable us to understand how to teach ourselves and coach others. If you are even mildly interested in improving your life or helping other's with their journey then I suggest you work with Richard. Thanks to his amazing abilities I am enjoying my dream of being a practicing Life Coach. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Loree B.

Going through the Life Coaching program was not only a dynamic experience in my personal growth; it has allowed me to begin the transition to the next phase of my destined journey. I feel Richard Seaman and his superb team of professional, experienced, Life Coaching instructors, empowered me with the necessary tools, resources and most of all support, to launch my "Transformational Life Coaching" career. Thanks, Joli

Joli M.

Richard Seaman is a wonderful Life Coach, Teacher and person. He not only taught me what life coaching was all about, but also helped me understand myself more. His book, "It's All In The Sharing" is a wonderful story about Richard's journey in this world and how we all have stories of our own. Richard has a caring, sweet and passionate heart towards others. I am soooo happy to have been a part of his Life Coaching class in 2009. I HIGHLY recommend Richard Seaman as a Life Coach and Teacher. I wish Richard all my best as he returns to Seattle. We will miss you - Danny Delaria

Danny D.

Richard Seaman is an inspirational teacher and Master Life Coach, your gain is our loss here in Phoenix, AZ I had the honor of being one of his students at SWIHA. What I walked away with has changed my way of thinking and how I view the world and myself in general. Richard takes the time to connect with each of his students on a personal level. He has the ability to see you for who you truly are, encouraging to look inside for your truth. If you have decided to explore the possibilities as a life coach then choosing Richard as your instructor is a step in the right direction.

Terry L.

Wow, what an experience. When I completed these classes, I had everything I needed to start my own successful life coaching business. Richard was Amazing, and has natural knack for teaching, while coaching at the same time. Not only did I receive a life coaching education, I graduated the classes, knowing myself, in a whole new light.

Eliza D.

Richard Seaman showed me that I could be powerful and compassionate at the same time and that asking the most challenging questions can bring about profound realizations. This comes from being intimately connected with Spirit. Richard does not have a playbook or procedure by which he coaches. He teaches that his mere presence as a vessel for Spirit will bring about positive change... and it does. Today, with my own coaching practice, having discovered my power, compassion, and connection, Richard remains an inspiration; and as I aspire to his level of trust, I find more and more success.

John R.

It has been a privilege to have Richard Seaman for a teacher. You know when someone loves what he or she does by the passion that they bring to it, and Richard is loaded with passion. If you are looking for a way to go out into the world and help others change their lives, and change your life along the way then Life Coach training with Richard is what you're looking for. Everything about this program leaves you ready to go out into the world and make a difference. Jeannie Dalton

Jeannie D.

I was privileged to be a student of Richard Seaman's Life Coaching class at SWIHA in Tempe, Arizona. The 100-hour class was amazing and that was because Richard is an amazing teacher. He is able to guide one past any obstacles, until you know exactly who you are, which is the first step in becoming a great Life Coach. I will forever be grateful to him for giving me the tools to empower myself and to assist others in their empowerment. He has made a difference in so many lives and I am blessed to be among that group.

Ellen M.


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