A brave and bold being.

Brave Bold Blended Being

Some people have told me that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Since the beginning of time, I have always been the person who thinks it, says it and then does it. I claim internally and externally that I am a really good manifestator, and I really do know it.

The key to manifestation is to never doubt it. When you say one positive thing and then follow up with a negative you cancel all good and have to start over. If you don’t start over with your claim to the Universe what is left floating out there is the last thing you said. It finds itself and brings it back to you as your reality.

I am a really good at manifesting the things I want, desire and claim. I use a multitude of tools to bring these truths and realities into my life. The Law of Attraction is my friend because I know these spiritual truths for myself and use them correctly. I was not born with a silver spoon in mouth, but I was born a child of God, who is loved and supported by an unseen force that is moving through me, and all around me.

This is true for every person in the world; the only thing that can cancel this truth is your mental thinking, your mental diet, and what you choose to believe as your truth. When you language your life hard, you will experience your life hard. Get your mental thinking in the highest place, the highest thought to manifest your best life. What you believe – IS.

Another truth I live by is that I am a blended being. A blended being is someone who understands that they are simultaneously connected to heaven and earth at the same time. We must have pieces and parts of ourselves in the heavens and pieces and parts of ourselves on the ground. Always know that there is no place that God is not.

We must be in the heavens co-creating life with your higher power, listening to its guidance, its whispers, its nudges and pushing you to evolve and grow on the ground. Your higher power is requesting that you seek to give birth to your highest self, by accessing spiritual truths from the ethers and then bringing them unto the ground – doing the groundwork. We are Gods vessel that uses our hands, feet, eyes, mouth, and body to do the healing work here and now.

From my experience as a transformational educator I have witnessed thousands of times in my coach training programs at Seattle Life Coach Training and while leading the Life-Coaching program at SWIHA in Tempe, AZ that many students are primarily in one or the other. The key to success is balancing both worlds equally for us to evolve to our highest and greatest self.

What would your life look like if you were to evolve, grow into a bigger, bolder and braver expression of you? When you close your eyes – what do you see? What are doing? How are you using your life?

May I propose you use the B.R.A.V.E. coaching model to get braver than ever before.

Bold: Are you bold in a graceful way and have the ability to take risks; be confident and courageous? If not, how could you?

Release: Do you quickly release and let go of self-judgment, judgment of others, expectations, and false negative self-beliefs? If not, how could you?

Authentic: Do you show up real, open and approachable, while telling the truth gracefully? If not, how can you shift?

Vulnerable: Are willing to step into uncertainty and take risks? Work to calm any mental worries, and release them easily? If not, how can you do this?

Embrace: Are you open to receive and embrace your highest calling on your life? If not, what do you need to do?

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. But, I am a brave blended being who knows how to use the Law of Attraction to show up in the world bravely, boldly; authentically and I walk into vulnerability embracing my highest calling on my life. I work for the greater and higher good in the world; therefore, the Divine lifts me up and I move through troubled waters easily. I know that all is well, in all things, and that includes every part of my life.

This is not only true for me. It is true for every person who chooses to integrate these tools and skills into their everyday life.

Is it time to become a Brave Bold Blended Being?

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