How SLCT Will Help You Turn Your Life Coach Training into A Profitable Business

Life Coaching is a fulfilling, powerfully satisfying, and lucrative career that allows you to share your unique gifts with the world. If you’re thinking of starting a life coaching practice, you likely have a lot of questions and possibly some anxiety about taking the first step. You’ll be relieved to know that you’ve come to the right place! Richard Seaman, founder and director of Seattle Life Coach Training (SLCT), has spent decades helping students develop their personal, professional and spiritual selves so that they can go on to start thriving life coaching businesses.

Let’s explore some of the common question’s students have as they begin their journey toward becoming a certified life coach.

How do I set realistic goals for my Life Coaching business?

All too often in our lives, we get hung up on questions such as, “How will I do this? When will I do this?” Stop! Take a deep breath. You have to step aside from yourself, aside from those mental roadblocks, and just say, Yes. ‘Yes’ to your life, to your life purpose, and start utilizing your life for the greater, higher good. Once you assert yourself in the ‘yes’ mindset, you open the door to success and the universal doing machine. Now you can move forward and develop your personal, professional, and spiritual work by beginning to learn how to become a powerful life coach in the world.

As you shift your focus to building a life coaching business, it’s important to set realistic expectations of yourself. When Richard first opened Seattle Life Coach Training, he had a tiny space in Seattle that could serve only 6 students. 10 years later, he has grown his purpose and his business to teach, train and certify thousands of aspiring life coaches to evolve into their highest selves. He achieved this by pouring his energy into the students that his training space and his spirit could support and expanded the business only when he could financially and mentally support the growth. By grounding yourself within the reality of your ability and resources, you are able to set realistic goals that you can achieve. Seattle Life Coach Training (SLCT) provides you with tools, skills and resources to do just that.

It’s also important to remember that your clients will be opening themselves up to you in ways that will require much of your energy and focus. You want to avoid spreading yourself too thin, so that you can fully embrace your mission and vision for each client and support them through their journey. By looking inward and understanding your limits and opportunities, you can set realistic goals for yourself and your budding business. The most important thing to remember is you must drink as you pour out to others.

How do I monetize my calling as a Life Coach?

First you, then others. This is a phrase Richard uses often, because it is a critically important mindset you need to embrace. First you, then others. What does that mean? Before you can help others, you must first develop yourself. Richard says, “In order to ask someone else to do their work you must be willing to do your work first”.  The SLCT life coaching program begins with developing yourself first – Personally, Professionally and Spiritually. We help our students find their God-given gifts and then turn them into their mission so that they can begin focusing on the type of life coaching business they want to have. By acknowledging who you are, and why you are here, it soon becomes clear the type of clients you are able to help. Usually, you’ll find your coaching niche by asking yourself how do I turn my mess into my message, or how do I turn my mess into my ministry?

For some students, they discover that their calling is to help people who are going through a relationship crisis. Other coaches might build a life coaching business around helping a person transition through the big milestones of life. Your calling may be entirely different, and that’s wonderful! Richard’s goal is to help you find your divine purpose, your calling on your life so that you can work toward building a thriving business that is uniquely yours.

The on-campus and online certified life coaching programs at SLCT differ from other life coach programs in that we actively support the business development efforts of our graduates. Our program teaches students the practical and spiritual steps to building a business. Richard and his team will work with you to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to create a thriving career with purpose.

What can I do with my Life Coach Certification?

While many SLCT students will graduate and go on to start a life coaching practice, there are numerous other opportunities you may not have considered like becoming a motivational speaker, trainer, workshop facilitator, blogger, vlogger and even possibly a published author. The bottom line is SLCT trains powerful life coaches and leaders in the world. Let’s talk about a few more:

Authorship. If your dream has been to write a book, Richard can help you understand the steps to authorship. Richard is the author of two books, It’s All in the Sharing  and Spiritual Reliability, and is uniquely qualified to help aspiring authors harness their gift as a life coach and translate that energy into the written word.

Online or tele Coaching. Life Coaching is not limited to face-to-face interactions. If you are concerned about the cost of acquiring a space to practice, you can find relief in knowing you are not limited to coaching in person. The world is increasingly digital, and many people feel comfortable communicating online. Building an online life coaching practice is a great way to reach people in need who either cannot access you in person, or who wish to communicate exclusively online.

Expand upon the services you already provide. SLCT has helped numerous business owners expand their service offerings and tap into new markets. We’ve worked with yoga instructors, massage therapists, cosmetologists, licensed therapists and many other professionals to expand their skills to include life coaching. Adding life coaching to your existing business is a great way to bring in new clients, and better serve the ones who already trust, love and rely on you.

We hope you are feeling inspired to pursue life coach certification. SLCT’s next on-campus class begins February 21, 2020. A few seats remain in this immersive on campus in Seattle program. And, if you can’t make it to our on-campus courses in Seattle you can now learn online anytime! We hope you will join Richard and his team in discovering your greatest and highest self as a certified Life Coach in the world.

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