Who is GUS? (God, The Universe and Spirit)

Have you asked for help today? God, The Universe or Spirit (GUS) is listening and rip-roaring and raring to go! In fact, all of your spiritual supporters can’t wait to help you with whatever you want or need. You are never alone and you are supported and loved more than you can possibly imagine! GUS just wants you to ask through prayer, meditation, or just a good old conversation. The difference between prayer and meditation is prayer is to ask and meditation is to listen.

Prayer means different things to different people. But, what I’ve found is sometimes just taking the time to ask can help bring peace. I don’t expect everything I pray for to be answered, but taking the time to ask is often comforting in and of itself. Does that comfort come from a spiritual force from within or does it come from some otherworldly place we cannot see? Honestly, it doesn’t really matter if you’re able to find inner peace.

At Seattle Life Coach Training we teach our life coaching students how to connect with this spiritual force through guided imagery, visualization, meditation techniques, universal practices and Laws of Attraction principles . Many times when clients seek out the assistance of a life coach it is because they are feeling tired, alone, unwanted, concerned, threatened or confused about life. SLCT powerfully educates our life coaching students to invite their clients to learn how to ask for help from a divine source we call GUS.

As the founder of Seattle Life Coach Training and the author of the book, Spiritual Reliability I know the word God can be triggering for all types of reasons to many people. Therefore we ask our students, “What is your God of understanding?” Each student has their own unique reference point to this question. At SLCT we honor each and every student’s perception of the world and how they answer this question. Even if they say I don’t know or I do not have any reference point to this question it does not matter as long as they come from a loving and all-inclusive space. One of the things I teach in my classes and books is that there are two types of help – Human help and Divine help. The mere act of asking for help begins a process which then deploys a personal support system that is all apart of GUS and how IT wants to provide for you. GUS (God, Universe and Spirit) wants and desires to help you so much it is beyond words.

Another thing we teach at SLCT is that we cannot do this life journey alone, no one can do it alone. And if we think we can then we are left walking through life in our own little meager way. Humans are not designed to be alone because every relationship we have is a classroom. When we enter into new relationships we learn, grow, and evolve and this definitely includes a coach and client relationship.

Now, the help you get may not be delivered exactly the way that your expectations may dictate. You have to be open to what the Universe knows is best for you. GUS knows exactly what is for your greater and higher good in any given situation. And, of course, your desires may well be in perfect alignment with your highest good. I am personally almost always surprised by the avenue through which the assistance comes no matter if it is human or divine assistants.

The point of all of this is that you are never alone. How could you be? You are one with ALL, which includes GUS. So, next time you are in need, just ask and you shall receive! And, So It Is!

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