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Catherine_McCourt-Seattle Life Coach Training SLCT teacher

Catherine McCourt

I empower individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to think differently and lead with purpose to prosper.


I empower individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to think differently and lead with purpose to prosper.

As a Transformational Life and business coach I focus on helping my clients awaken their Life and Soul purpose. While, uncovering and moving them through their fears or obstacles resulting in positive and sustainable change. Igniting their Life and Soul Purpose will naturally lead them to a more fulfilling and inspiring life both personally and professionally. I help my clients create a life lead by purpose and develop resilience. I support them in building a foundation to thrive.

I love the AH-HA moments, seeing the energy shifts and the sigh of relief as my clients experience their true potential and begin building a life or business that truly resonates with them. It is so satisfying as a coach and as someone who knows first-hand what it feels like to get there.

The Journey...

I believe I have known all along what my Soul Purpose is but like the majority of us ‘life’ kept getting in the way. I have always been career-oriented and followed a path that excited me and made me feel I was living somewhat of my purpose. But, as time went on, I came to the realization that not all companies lead with their purpose and overtime you begin to see your values don’t align. I got tired of burning myself out for things I was passionate about but that were not necessarily allowing me to live my purpose or bring theirs to light. Now, by helping individuals and business teams through this, to lead with purpose has made all the difference and I am inspired every day. 

My programs offer an enlightening journey for individuals and businesses. Including a targeted program for busting burnout. Something that needs to be handled in order to make any transformation. 

The journey is exactly that, a journey. Not something that happens overnight. It takes precious time. Making change, real change can be hard but if you put the effort in with the right support and have patience with the process, I promise it will be inspiring to see where you started and how far you can go.

"I know what it feels like to wear so many hats and feel so stressed out, so overwhelmed and not know how to make that shift. I didn’t have a supportive community as a teenage mom and single mom, I was mostly on my own. I want to offer parents a supportive community where they can learn and grow to be their best selves."

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  • The SLCT Training Binder with 30 modules, sent to your home.
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  • Both of Richards’s books – It’s All in the Sharing and Spiritual Reliability
  • Imagery Skills for Life Coaches Script book by Linda Bennett,  a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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