Why you should get your life coach certification online in 2021.

Why you should get your life coach certification online in 2021

In a matter of days 2021 has already put forth new challenges for us to navigate. For months we have endured tests of our faith, love and compassion for one another and the world at large. Still, with grace, we push forward to find greater connection to the world, the universe and God. For all that you have endured, you must recognize the incredible adversity you have faced and continue to overcome. You are here, and that alone is no small feat.

But where is “here?” Are you certain of your place in the context of a much larger universe? Or are you, like many, caught in a fog of uncertainty? You might find yourself in the gap: You’re not where you were. Perhaps you’re not where you want to be. You are in between, inside the gap of possibility. 

As you embrace a new year of boundless opportunity, consider the path ahead and how you might harness the light and gifts within you to break through the fog and embrace your future. Consider that a transformation within may be the key to unlocking where you want to be, and how you can bring others along with you.

There has never been a greater need for the life coaching profession

As the world faces another year in the midst of a pandemic, we are forced to acknowledge that this is a time of great transition. Socially, politically, economically and spiritually, we cannot escape the fact that all of us are transitioning into a new world that is ours to redefine. As difficult as transition can be, it’s also a time of great possibility and hope for a better way forward. 

If you’ve felt a pull in your soul  to move in a new direction, it’s time for you to undergo your own transformation. The life coaching profession can equip you with the tools to embrace personal, professional and spiritual change, so that you can lead others down a path of new possibilities.

With so many people in the world looking for help in navigating the future, there simply has never been a greater need for life coaches. They need someone to reach out and guide them forward. They need a light in the world. They need a life coach. 

If you feel called to elevate those around you, you are already on the path to being a life coach. You have spiritual gifts that are primed to enact meaningful change in the world and the universe at large. Imagine being able to undergo a transformation so inspiring and significant, that others lean on you to guide them through their own journey. It’s hard to imagine a more powerful or purposeful profession.

A certified life coaching program gives you the tools to build a career with purpose

The life coaching profession is not only spiritually fulfilling, but also a lucrative career opportunity that gives you the power to use your innate gifts to make a difference in the world. For many people who have lost a job during the pandemic, or who are re-evaluating their career choice, life coaching is a powerful opportunity to enact meaningful change in yourself and others, while providing a comfortable and flexible lifestyle.

People need help now more than ever. Many face isolation as they work and raise families from home, many with little connection to friends, family and communities. Life coaches around the world have stepped in to offer love and guidance to those feeling the weight of a challenging universe.  

If you’ve been searching for a career that gives you a chance to do powerful and significant work from anywhere in the world, life coaching is worth a deeper look.

Earn your life coach certification online in a safe and loving environment

The life coaching profession, like many others, has undergone significant change in the last year. Prior to the pandemic many life coaching classes were held in person, but has evolved to thrive within the digital world as students seek a safe way to learn.

SLCT made a pivot to online learning in 2020, and we’ve been absolutely astounded by the incredible progress our students have made in the digital environment. The power, energy and love our students put forth is truly tangible. We’ve grown alongside our students and are blessed to watch them develop their careers and capabilities. 

The Seattle Life Coach Training online certification program follows the same hands-on curriculum as our in-person course. We help our students discover their niche, kick start their business and navigate the life coaching profession so that they can develop spiritually and financially fulfilling businesses.

Discover the SLCT life coach certification program

SLCT’s 120 hour life coach certification program meets the core competencies outlined by the ICF and IAC. We fully prepare our students to obtain membership in these governing organizations so that you can begin to build a legitimate, successful business using your God given gifts. Our program is tailored to work within your busy schedule, with classes meeting on the evenings and weekends so that you can grow and learn at a pace that doesn’t exhaust or overwhelm you.

Our students also enjoy access to our large and active alumni network of successful life coaches who are passionate about their work and ready to share their insights with new graduates. Everyone at SLCT is committed to your success and growth.

Explore the many ways you can build a career as a certified life coach

Whether you’re seeking an entirely new career or want to use your gifts to help your loved ones achieve their own incredible transformation, life coach certification opens the door of opportunity to make a difference in the world. Our students and graduates have come from all walks of life and are using their life coach certification to help others overcome the challenges they themselves once faced.

It’s common for our students to come to SLCT in the midst of their own “mess.” As they seek to untangle the mess within their lives, they find that their mess actually becomes their message. That message becomes their calling to help others who are grappling with the same adversity. 

The journey of self discovery and transformation is truly breathtaking to observe. We’ve watched our students grow from individuals without a clear vision for the future, into bright and beautiful souls who are leading others with grace and purpose. The true power of the SLCT life coach certification program is in how our educators help you discover your gifts and graces, and transform them into a purposeful career.

Here are some of the careers and focus areas our students have embraced after going through the SLCT life coach training program:

  • Divorce counseling
  • Motivation coaching
  • Recovery and addiction coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Personal growth coaching
  • Self care and motherhood coaching
  • Anxiety coaching
  • Author/entrepreneurship coaching
  • Finance and wellness coaching
  • Caregiver support coaching
  • Sexuality and spirituality coaching
  • Wellness/nutrition coaching

You may not know what your niche is right now, and that’s just fine. Our program helps you discover your focus and what your unique gift is. That gift is already inside you–we shine a light on it and help you give birth to your purpose in the world.

As you look out onto the landscape of 2021 you can’t know for certain what’s to come, but you can find a way to cut through the fog. There will never be a better time to embrace your calling to become a life coach. We hope that you’ll find your tribe with us this year, and let us show you how to transform into your full potential.

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